Because Money

Doesn’t come with instructions


Dealing with your finances can be intimidating. That's why we have created this amazing opportunity of making no less the 30% annual revenue for our investors.

Our Portfolio

We invest your funds in promising startups in various fields like:

  • BlockChain Technologies
  • Green Energy
  • Computerized Medicine
Your money is safe

As an investment company which invests in young startups in many fields, we can only handle a certain amount of funds in any given time. That’s why we have created the Investment slots, The most powerful investment strategy in the world which allows us to monitor the amount of money that we handle, and make your money safer then ever.

You Control the Pace

Our systems allows you, the investor, to set your goals and strategy for your investment. Our job is to make you more money. The system allows you to either re-invest your earnings or withdraw them.

About is an International Financial company with offices in multiple jurisdictions over the world. Working with gives me the ability to advise international expatriates living in the middle east from where I live in Melburne, Australia.

I am Tim Bondar jr., Support Team Leader for


It is not every day that you come across a passionate and trustworthy financial agency. true professional that do their work really well. Thanks IS!


Director of "Financial Times"

In just 2 very short clicks with they managed to find the solution to my situation and expectations. Punctual, well informed and very reliable.

Carol Harper

Director at Risktec Solutions Ltd

A very professional investment solution, who are true to their word. The support team demonstrated a high amount of integrity, and they are fast to respond to my concerns.


Managing Director of BPW Global


More Than 3000 Investors,

One Philosophy

Every single one of our investors is being treated as if he was the only one. The main reason that is alive is to make our Investors money. We plan our investments carefully and execute them to perfection, for over 9 years now.

We reward our investors

Our biggest reward is having a long list of satisfied investors. As an investor, you will be rewarded in many ways.

Weekly income

Our investors are being paid weekly with a fixed interest of 2.5% of their total investment. The earnings can be re-invested or withdrawaled.


From time to time, our backed startup companies are getting to a point where a didividend is shared with us. We share that dividend with our loyal investors.

Referal Commissions

As an online investment platform, we adhere the need for referal commissions for the active recruiters in our customer base. The commisions are listed in the Investor's BackOffice under the referal tab.

Re-Investments done by Referals

Strong leaders in the marketing industry are also strong trainers. As such, we are rewarding our best clients with even more commisions, which are paid once users are Re-Investing funds in their accounts. © .